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Sprint hero htc sync

Just recently my Hero won't sync (it did before with Win 7) my PC now recognizes the Hero but then gets Errors: 2 General, Error due to: Connection to mobile phone timed out.
Any one know why this recently is happening? Is there a way to reinstall htc sync on both devices?
Thanks, Jim
I have upgraded HTC Sync and installed the drivers recommended for Win7. My phone is recognized and sync is initiated when it fails. Could there be anything with Outlook that is causing the problem?

Did you go to My computer (right click) and point the device drivers to the folder manually? that is really the key. If the phone connects to the PC and the HTC software runs, but the two arent finding each other - that is a good indication that the drivers aren't fully installed/updated.
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Oh, one more thing. It's absolutely ridiculous that the HTC Sync program breaks like this. Synchronizing your work calendar (in my case Outlook) to your phone is one of the most important functions of the device. It's critical for me, and I don't want it to break. Or have to fix it myself. I'm not lazy, just annoyed. Sheesh.

Rant over.
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