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Sprint limiting data now?


Dec 20, 2011
I have the unlimited data plan. Never have had a problem. Today I went over 2GB for the month. I use PDA Net to tether and Sprint refuses to connect...get "Connecting to Data Network" that never goes away. Watching my phone the "3G" icon will only flash on for a moment now. Simply have never seen this....has anyone else?
As of currently all internet hotspots i heard actually have a 5 gig data cap if your using the hotspot off the phone itself, Its no longer unlimited.

I was told by Sprint that as of February, existing customers are limited to 5 gig data a month with hotspot. What irks me, along with his attitude, was that he insists this has always been true but they are just now enforcing it. We were very specifically told that it was unlimited when we added it. I was then told they cant control what their employees say.
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Just FYI (surprised a mod hasn't stepped in yet), but discussing ways around Sprints' offered tethering/hotspot services is now against forum policy. I have no opinion on the matter myself. :)

As for data throttling, Sprint has confirmed they only throttle data on your phone* when you are roaming (and then only after you hit a certain cap, either 2gb or 5gb, can't recall which). If you are on the Sprint network on your phone, they don't throttle or cap.

*The "on your phone" part is important, as Sprint does cap hotspots and the like at 5gb even when on network.
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