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Help SPRINT Note 4 Lollipop:The Good,Bad,Ugly & Everything In-Between

I have installed it (Sprint OTA), and off the bat my apps that I moved to my SD card aren't accessible. I'm going to attempt to dismount it, remove, reinsert and mount again.

EDIT: so powercycling and removing my SD card did not fix it, my apps still aren't accessible. Unmounting and mounting the SD card afterwards finally brought the apps back.
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Got it this morning ... took about 45 mins, don't like the white drop down notifications, but overall its zippy and smooth...

Contact pics in the revised dialer are small... and I keep getting a "checking device status" notification that can't be cleared...
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Battery life post update, update....

When connected to good WiFi, battery life is great! 2-3% loss an hour... maybe better, depending on use...
However, once I'm off WiFi, and on LTE, I've had very mixed results. . If I forget to turn off WiFi, and it's constantly trying to connect to random signals, I've had the battery crash... 11% in less than 15 mins during the drive to work this morning! ... I saw, that and turned off WiFi, and it returned to normal.

But with the WiFi radio on, but NOT connected.... it's horrible!
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I'm not to thrilled with lollipop I had it on my S5 and just don't like the way the menus, colors look etc, I preferred kitkat. It just updated on my Note 4 so I'm stuck with it.

Only issue so far I have noticed is once in a while the text message app freezes and you can't see you list of everyone you have been texting, I have to shut the app down and it's good again, anyone else?
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Hi Everyone,
My fiancée and I have run into major network issues since installing the Lollipop update the other day.
We both are coming from old Galaxy S3s. She got her Note 4 a month ago and absolutely loves it! I got mine 3 days ago and waited until my case arrived to activate mine. Almost immediately after activation, it downloaded Lollipop. Shortly thereafter, her phone updated as well.
Ever since the update, we can hardly connect to LTE 4G network, 3G, and rarely get more than 1 bar of cell service. In all the same places our S3s had full 4G and cell coverage, the Notes have almost none. The LTE icon will light up, the little sun icon will spin and then it just goes out. Once in a while, the 3G icon will light up for a few moments. We can't even use our GPS as it can never get a data connection.
I just got off the phone with Sprint and after a while of the tech 'googling' he comes back and tells me that the Note runs on the new Spark network and there is no Spark coverage in my area. So the Note can only use the Spark network and not the normal 4G network? I tell him it worked fine before the update so his suggestion is to uninstall Lollipop. If that doesn't help, I should bring it to a Sprint service center. I don’t want a new phone because I don’t believe the phone is the problem. Not with the exact same issues occurring on to separate phones. Plus, I don’t want to have to buy another $30 glass screen protector.
Has anyone else had this issue? Can anyone help me out with some suggestions, ideas, answers, opinions? I am so freakin' frustrated right now. Thank you all for the time and have a great day!
George D.
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The kitkat update to my note 3 on Verizon caused pretty terrible reception, though it didn't seem quite as bad as what you're experiencing. There's not really not much you can do since there's no way to uninstall lollipop. I suppose you could bitch enough that they give you another phone or activate anther note 4 for you and decline the update.

Also if you haven't already, do a factory reset on both phones to see if that clears anything up.
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