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Standalone Bluetooth Microphone

My motorcycle has a bluetooth audio receiver, which is great because I can stream Pandora, GPS, or any other app's sound from my RAZR to the bike's audio system. What I need now is a standalone bluetooth microphone that can pair independently with my Droid RAZR MAXX. I have searched and searched and cannot find such a device, nor do I know if the phone would recognize a standalone bluetooth mic. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing? I'd need a mic small enough to velcro to the inside of the helmet or attach to the outside and run a wire inside. Can't use a bluetooth headset because A) it won't fit in my ear inside the helmet and B) I believe it would become the audio output device and I want the bike's system to do that.

Any suggestions (besides not talking on the phone while riding)??

Well, I finally did find what I was looking for. But I still don't know if the RAZR (or Android in general) would recognize a mic separately from a headset. Maybe it would. Here's the only mic I could find that wasn't a slave to some other device and wouldn't break the bank. I actually found three altogether, but one required a specific brand of office phone base to host its charger and the other one was mil grade and way too expensive.
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