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Star Wars Acolyte?

Anyone watching?
I vaguely heard what it's about, and now I'm going to check it out later tonight.
So far 31% on rotten tomatoes....?
so there is some on going controversy with the series. it mainly has to do with a black, female lead along with an Asian character and the claims that the show is too woke. there is an ongoing campaign on Rotten Tomato to lower the rating scores. if you look on Rotten, the critics give it high praise, but the viewers are giving it low scores. its stupid.....and it is why i always do not solely rely on Rotten;'s scores to determine if i want to watch something. take it with a grain of salt if you will.

and people have taken quotes from an older interview out of context:

its a great show. i am talking about it over in the Star Wars thread:
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Why is this in the Tech Help section?
well Star Wars is all about technology and Star Wars Acolyte is a technology achievement!
Episode 7 Yes GIF by Star Wars
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