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Stay with Verizon and get Incredible or get the Evo?

Hey guys, looking forward to getting my first android. I currently have an LG Dare with verizon and my contract isn't up until October. So I'm due for an upgrade and can get the Incredible whenever I want. I have been reading up on the Evo (still don't know a lot, but I do know some of the differences between the phones) and can't decide if the Evo is worth getting to pay $80 for ETF.

I just started working at Walmart so I can get a 20% discount at Verizon, not sure on Sprint as of now, I live Springfield, MO (3rd largest city in MO) Sprints site says it has "best" coverage, but I don't see 4G being in the picture for a while.

Should I stay with Verizon and get the incredible and just get a 4g phone next year? or make the leap to my 3rd carrier in 6 years? Thanks for the help guys!
Both phones are very similar as far as hardware is concerned. You basically have to decide if the minor differences between the phones that some consider to be 'upgrades' are beneficial to you (i.e. the big screen on the EVO is a plus for some, while others prefer a phone that's smaller and more portable, easier to carry like the Incredible)
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Both are really good phones.

Evo Pros:
-4.3" Screen (Incredible has 3.7". Personally I think 3.7" is big enough but to each their own)
-Front Facing Camera
-HDMI Out (Incredible has MiniUSB out for TV)
-720p Videorecording (Incredible has DVD quality I think)
-Bigger battery
-Sprint has lower prices

Incredible Pro (which could be a good pro, especially once HTC can get Froyo on new devices):
-8 GB of internal storage and an SD slot while the Evo comes preloaded with an 8 GB SD card (and 1 GB internal storage)

Besides that, everything else is pretty much same I think. Personally, I don't think you can go wrong with either. While the pros of the Evo are great, they are ones you could live without (as the Incredible itself has many great pros).

If you do plan on switching, the most important thing would be to make sure the Sprint carrier is strong in your area.

Hope that helped.
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Sprint's lower prices might be a moot point if you get a discount through your employer with Verizon. 20% is a nice chunk!

You're right though, Sprint's 4G isn't everywhere, and I'd make sure you get decent 3G coverage before even considering the leap. Ask around. See who has Sprint, and see if they get decent coverage while using their phone.

I live in New York and one of the reasons I tolerate Verizon's higher prices is because they have the best coverage/service. Calls are dropped once in a blue moon (honestly I can't really remember the last time) and I've never been without 3G. VZW is awesome because I get services in the freaking subway when others don't!

I have the Incredible and I love this phone, it's got everything that a picky person like me could want in a smartphone. I'd be lying if I wasn't envious of the Evo though, but it's not really worth jumping carriers for in my opinion (at least in my issue anyway).

My father has Sprint and seems to have frequent call issues. Last year my brother went to T-Mobile because he was tired of having dropped calls and no service in certain areas. However, I understand that isn't the case in every area, they could just have less towers over here or something.

Ultimately I think it's really up to whether you want to switch or not since the phones are fairly similar. I wouldn't consider the Evo a 4G phone if you're not going to get any 4G services on it, but I really really can't deny that the phone IS great. The Incredible is a wonderful phone to and is a great incentive to stay with Verizon.

As others have said, the Evo is fairly big, here's a nice site that does size comparisons for you so you can get an idea of how big the Evo and the Incredible are: HTC EVO 4G Size Compare (Phone Arena)
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That and as far as reliability goes, CDMA still wins in that department.

why people go on contracts baffles me

That's called us being poor and not able to buy phones off-contract. Trust me, we all know that it's FAR better in the long run and more than likely the short run to buy your phone outright then get whatever plan you need... but to have some tech that's worth shaking our half broken duck-taped wrapped splintering sticks at is just out of reach half the time, unless subsidies are available at some cost.
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