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Jun 13, 2012

Unfortunately I have not been able so far to find a stopwatch/laptimer (S/L) that is suitable for my sport. I have tried a dozen but most don't do what I want. I am sure that the things that I would like to see will be on the wishlist of others as well. Maybe someone could tell me if what I want already exists or maybe someone would like to develop it. (I hope I post this in the right forum).
Here is in short what I would like to have.
Just one button -preferably physical ( like the Galaxy's menu button)- to start, lap and stop the S/L. This would mean that the number of laps have to be set before the start ( E.g 100 or 200). So that at the start signal the 0 lapstarts and each lap is timed with the push of the same button as is the finish. Lap times should be in the phones memory that can be saved for future analyzes with e.g. MS Excel.
Why one button?
As you are watching and timing the race, you don't want to look (and often cannot ) at the screen to switch from start to lap to finish buttons. Also pressing the screen is not reliable enough.
For what sport?
Control line model team racers e.g: youtube.com: czestochowa 2011 f2c final.
first heats are 100 laps
final is 200 laps.
More questions ask me.




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