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Dec 8, 2009
I'm looking to get a microSD card for my EVO by the 4th and I want to know what I should go for. I know Class 6 is the fastest, so that's what I thought I wanted to get and I wanted to get a 16gb but it looks like it's $80 on Amazon. Now, that's damn expensive for 16gb of storage and I'm not used to buying storage for my phone since I've had an iPhone. Is it worth it to drop to a lower storage capacity or a lower speed? How much of a difference does the transfer speed make on the phone? Does it hinder the speed of the phone at all? Also, for those lucky bastards that got the HTC EVO ahead of time, what kind of card comes with it?
I don't have an Evo, but people have posted that the 8GB card is class 2 or 4 - don't remember exactly. Class 10 is actually the fastest, but class 6 should be plenty fast enough.

If you're using this primarily for photos or music storage, class 2 is probably plenty fine. Video, games, or other media that require near-instantaneous data access would require more.

I seriously doubt most people will see enough lag from normal use with a class 2.

My suggestion would be to simply use the 8GB card that it comes with to see if you need more speed than class 2 or unless you have more than 8GB of data you want on it from the start.

I'm going to use the card it comes with just to test out.
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