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Help Straight Talk sold to Verizon

Clint w

Mar 30, 2022
Straight talk was sold to Verizon and are in the process of turning off all other users on ST except Verizon users > If you are an ATT or any other tower user, you will start having phone problems. They sent us (two users) emails and voice mails as well as texts that our phones were going to be shut off because they were not 4g phones (they are). We brought out older phones and put the sim cards in and guess what? They work just fine. They (ST) still hit one of the phones so far repeating the same thing. I called a number and got their recording saying there was a problem with the phone and were checking it. It is back on. I am paid up till April 18 and 17 respectively. It is back on now. Verizon will never be our provider or ST. I hope this helps someone. BTW I was not able nor was ATT store to port our old numbers to the new phones from ATT. ST locked the numbers down and did not let us port them. We have had ST for years and this is the way they did loyal customers ...
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I am well aware of the shutting down of 2 and 3G services. VOLTE is not the problem > My post plainly states if you are a straight talk user on a service OTHER than Verizon,you will lose service. ST will gladly send users of other services a free Verizon sim card. We cannot use verizon as we cannot get a signal here . They are trying to force ATT tower users here in my community to swap over to verizon as when the shut off date passed, our phones continued to work . Now they are hitting our IMED on the phones so we are swapping our sim cards to other VOLTE phones that work just fine.
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