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Root Strange Bootloop

Use Odin to flash back using the .tar You'll be on 4.0 because I don't think there is an Odin tar for jb but that's an easy fix. I've been bootlooped before and that's worked for me

That .tar is just the system.img so he would also need to flash the ics kernel.

This goes back to what shabby was saying about us needing to map all the partitions in the phone (and back them up) so that we could have a FULL Odin restore.
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So basically im screwed?

Not necessarily. All we have to do is map the partitions. You don't need an unrooted image. If we could pull the partitions from a rooted phone, figure out what they are, and pack them for use with Odin you'd be fine.

I'm just not sure how to go about mapping them. Does anyone know how to go about it?

Edit- I'm petty sure you have to view them with a hex editor. Which I'm in the process of doing
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