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strange notification for a voice message


Aug 29, 2023
hi everybody! could you help me? from several days and everydays I'm receiving this strange message attached here. the message is always the same.
do you know what is mean? I thought that is a encrypted message :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
How can I open this unusual voice message?
My smartphone is galaxy Note 8, android version 9.

Thank you!


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So what am I looking at here? To me it looks like an app called "eBook Reader" is posting a notification claiming to be notice of a WhatsApp voice message. Is that correct? Otherwise please tell us what is producing the notification (because if it's something else there's not enough context in the cropped image to tell).

A WhatsApp voice message you just open in whichever WhatsApp chat has included it, but I guess you know that. And of course all WhatsApp messages are encrypted.
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I'm not surprised you can't see any message: WhatsApp messages are encrypted so your eBook Reader could not possibly play one. Also they are specifically communicated to WhatsApp, there's no way your reader could receive it either. So the question is, what is up with your Reader that it's posting this notification, because it's clearly something spurious?

Have you tried simple things, like clearing the eBook Reader's cache (in case some junk in there is confusing it)? That's probably not going to solve it, but won't do any harm. Clearing the reader's data might work, but that might also lose you other data that you want (settings, history, even books if the reader stores them in its own database rather than in shared storage), so I'd leave that as a last resort.

Do you need the Reader to send you notifications of any sort? If not then you could just turn off notifications from the app and forget about this.

None of which answers why the app is posting this in the first place, but I cannot see any reason it should. I wondered whether this was some ad that had got stuck, but apps should not post ads as notifications under any circumstances.
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The only app that can receive or play a WhatsApp message is WhatsApp. So I do not believe that any notification referring to a WhatsApp voice message from any other app can be genuine, and an eBook reader would have no conceivable way of doing so.

What it is I don't know. If this showed within the app itself I'd think it was an ad for WhatsApp, but as a notification it makes no sense. But if it's a bug it's a very strange one indeed.
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