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Strigi World Alphabet Game (by Strigiform Games)


May 3, 2020
Learning is fun again with “Strigi World Alphabet Game” The best educational game for children. Also helps your toddler or preschool child learn the alphabets, tracing sentences and more with this easy to use app designed for kids and parents to play together.

Application Guidance:
The interface keeps toddlers focused on reading and writing letters, moving menu commands away from finger movements. The best alphabet tracing game for kids. The game is designed especially for kids who are known for writing a book as it is written with the application on a smartphone or tablet. So that our children can practice writing letters at any time, not just in class.

Advantages of application:
☆ All Kids Tracing Content is free to learn.
☆ Fun game for kids
☆ Simple cartoon drawing
☆ Trace alphabets, trace letters, trace numbers and learn with audio
☆ offline game
☆ Easy to learn and enjoyable

The application really helps your children with the English/Greek letter tracing and also helps your children to learn the sentences. This handwriting for kid’s mobile application was developed to help strengthen English/Greek language development for children and quickly progress.

Key Features:
✓ Easy to use
✓ Help to learn alphabets and numbers
✓ Most addictive word game for kids
✓ Help to learn alphabets and numbers
✓ Available with phonics and tracing pattern
✓ Supports two languages (English/Greek)
✓ Uppercase and lowercase letters to trace
✓ Simple and unique interface
✓ Unlock next levels and collect stars
✓ Voice guidance
✓ Variety of words
✓ Easy to understand and play
✓ Download and install for free



Download link:
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