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Root Stuck in bootloop

Lol alright I haven't been doing any rooting or any of that for a while so just starting to get back into it and trying to remember how to do some things but thanks
It's called "read-read-read" when it comes to stuff involving Rooting a device. We don't mind helping ppl out but we're not gonna babysit and hold ur hand. I have a FOTAkill zip in my BCRichster threads for our Warp Sync and Warp4G devices. If you're on another device then go to that device's corresponding threads/forums and ask the ppl there. We didn't make anything for the Max, we just ported a ROM and my KillerKobalt4G theme for them. [emoji41]
Edit: BTW, Odin is for Samsung devices ONLY. [emoji28]
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So there's no way an Odin install would fix it either? This sucks it was my girlfriends phone I've got her on my old zte boost max which has the same update ready any way to do the update its rooted and has philz recovery
If you've got access to PhilZ Touch custom recovery, then just data/factory reset and re flash a Max ROM..
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His warp sync is in bootloop and max is ready for update.
Sync is gone as of now.
He should check max thread and just disable update.
OK, thanks for clarifying for me.
If ur Sync is stock recovery and bootlooping:
Ur done, get a new one as it's ur only option for a working Warp Sync

The Max: let me check a few things and I'll post the FOTAkill zip in a Max thread later today.. Str8?
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My samsung tab is Rooted ! there is A Stuck in a logo problem in it
when i open recovery there is a message in red line
"ES/failed to mount: invalid Argument"
What Could I Do am Up th Head With this,.
This ZTE Warp Sync Sub Forum,
You need to visit Samsung TAB forum for answers, also there are different versions of Samsung TAB go to your specific sub forum only.
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