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Help stuck on com.android.systemui

Allwinner A33 chinese tablet
4.4.2 kitkat
stuck on com.android.systemui
Tablet is rooted, USB debugging is enabled

I had issues from the day i bought the device. the seller advised i should root the device and alter the build.prop file to enable certain features.

I made a backup copy of the build.prop file to SDCard, altered the build.prop file and now I am stuck with the device in a constant loop, com.android.systemui has stopped.

I have booted in recovery mode and have attempted wipe and factory reset. This has not made any change.
I have forced a factory reset from PC using ADB. The tablet appears to be resetting and reboots, but cannot change the error.

I have loaded ADK on PC and can see the build.prop bak on the SDCard. How can I copy this file into the root (or system) folder and overwrite the faulty build.prop by using PC?


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