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Stuck on HBOOT


Jun 17, 2017

I own a HTC One M8 and for a couple of days it hadn't been charging. Today i got it to charge and when i turned it on, it loaded into Hboot. However for some reason, I can only use the up volume button to navigate and nothing else. Hence I cant select on any of the options, even though i used the power button to turn on the phone. Furthermore if i hold the power button on any of the options, it just turns off my phone. lmao fml. My computer cant recognize it when i connect, prob cuz the phone is off? Even though normally it does recognize it.

So yeah... thas whats up.
Is there any way i can fix this?

Please send help
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Probably your volume down button is stuck.

I'm suggesting this because the way you get into hboot is by booting the phone while pressing and holding the volume down key. So booting straight into hboot plus button navigation not working correctly suggests a problem with the volume down key to me (and one button is being constantly pressed could well interfere with selecting options using the power button).
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