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Root Sudden USB connection loss ?

Jaay Dogg

Android Expert
Aug 27, 2011
Prescott, Az
My phone was connected to my laptop & the USB icon on my phone started going crazy flashing on & off, didn't know what to think so I rebooted my phone & now my laptop says USB not recognized ? & I've been using this laptop to connect to Triumph's since x-mas, & all of the sudden the USB is not recognized "what the hell" (Why God why lol) Does anybody know how to fix this & why did it happen ?:mad:
Is it odd that I'm still Rocking my OG Triumph from last summer? Have had a few strange issues and close calls along the way though. Think I just posted about this. Lost Wifi for almost a week and a very close call with my USB not port not registering just to name a few. Have also either flashed or restored 100 or so times and thing keeps on ticking. Austrie helped out with the Wifi but all and all I have learned that sometimes taking the battery out overnight or for a few hours can work some magic. Probably shouldn't complain about not having a shinny new Triumph though as it seems that once they send you one replacement it most definitely wont be the last.
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