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motorola triumph

  1. R

    Root Triumph with CyanogenMod - PRL update?

    I was able to activate my old Virgin Mobile Triumph on RingPlus and now I'm trying to do a PRL update in order to use it for calls. I previously installed CyanogenMod version 9-20130415 According to the RingPlus website I dial ##72786# but get nothing. No option to enter my MSL. Same thing if I...
  2. A

    Replacement batteries?

    I new realize this is the wrong sub-forum. I need a new battery for my Triumph. I ordered a cheap one on eBay, it came and guess what? Did absolutely nothing. Are the aftermarket "replacements" all just fake/scams, or did I really by chance just get a dud? Why would it not work at all? Should...
  3. Z

    Root getting rid of root

    Hello, I have a Motorola Triumph that I use for shenanigans. I rooted it to cyanogenmod 9, then to 7. I ran into a lot of problems. I realized I just wanted my original android v.2.2.2. I tried to find ways to put it back to normal. But I can't. I need help. I want my original phone...
  4. N

    Help I messed up big time and I need your help

    Before I start, please don't just respond to this thread saying how much of an idiot I am. I know this was unwise but it made sense at the time. With that So I have a Motorola Triumph and I was trying to get Gingerbread on it so I could test apps I make in Unity (which only goes down to...
  5. W

    My Triumph on Beyond Talk broke. Can I replace it without my bill going up?

    After years of service, my Triumph's power button gave out the other day. Repairing it will cost me about $80, but I can also buy another for the same or even cheaper. I've been on the $25/month Beyond Talk plan since I got the phone, and as far as I know upgrading from it while staying with...
  6. angelxie

    Root How to change ROMs?

    I'm sorry.. I don't understand much of this. I get how to root, cwm, and stuff.. but what if I want to change from old MIUI to something else? I don't get which links or where they are to download other ROMs (I think thats what they're called.. the OSs things?) I was looking at Cyanogenmod...
  7. I

    Jumping back into my old triumph, some questions.

    My Triumph has been running Miui 2.4.2 for I don't know how long. I now want to pass it on to my sister but upon research it looks like I need to flash it back to the stock Virgin mobile install for it to be reactivated. I'm looking over the guides and got as far as the placing the .img file on...
  8. R

    Root Screen Black Except in Corner?

    I'm hoping someone can help me at least diagnose the problem with my MT. I am only able to get the screen to display a small bunch of curvy (mostly) blue lines in the lower right corner. Otherwise the screen is blank. Charging lights work and the phone will make noise (text notification and...
  9. H

    Root Anoyone got a good CWM link?

    Tried all of the links for a working CWM for the triumph- when I attempt to download, it says that the content is incompatible with the phone. Any tips? Thanks!!!
  10. M

    Root MT ignores set ringtones for contacts

    Since I installed CM7 (CM7-TG-Reloaded), it's been like a new phone. But the last week or so all of a sudden my ringtones set for contacts are ignored and the default ringtone is used. If I clear the Dalvik cache that fixes it but only temporarily, it starts to happen again, usually after...
  11. A

    Help Chase bank app not compatible anymore?

    When? Why? And will it ever be supported again?
  12. S

    Help Duplicate messages

    Messages take multiple tries to send and I'm also receiving 5 to 6 messages of the same thing. Anyone had this issue?
  13. M

    Root Few questions on CM7 installation

    I installed CM7-TG-Reloaded so I can at least get my bank app to work again (they just upped the requirements to Android 2.3.3) while I decide which 4.+ phone and carrier I might switch to. But 2 things I can't figure out. One is how do you put back the shutdown animation? Right now it's just...
  14. M

    Root Is it possible to install Jelly Bean on Triumph?

    I'm currently using stock ROM on the rooted phone (I had tried others, but stock worked the smoothest for me, plus I preferred the phone dialer and contact list on it). But my bank app just upgraded to requiring at least 2.3.3, so was thinking of trying to push it further for a few other apps...
  15. A

    Help Triumph custom notification and ring problems?

    Motor Triumph running stock Android 2.2 I've looked up several guides on this and ran into complications. Tried creating media and audio subfolders on SD, no success. Turns out stock rings and tones are on system memory only. They are all. Ogg files. When I add an mp3 to the location no...
  16. K

    Root need stock ROM

    I'm trying to flash the stock ROM to the Motorola triumph and it won't download the stock ROM. I forgot to make a original back up of mine so if any body has it that would be appreciated if u can help me out. Thanks
  17. Wowmail

    Root Thank you!

    Thank you all for keeping my Triumph alive and kicking these last 3 years. It is time to move on, my HTC ONE (M8) arrives today! (Simm card tomorrow). This is the last 2 days of my Triumph experience, then I will donate it to charity. Thank all of you! God Bless and be safe!
  18. C

    Need help with data recovery

    I got the memory full warning and started deleting files on each app with the clear data button without realizing that I've deleted my contacts and text messages. I'm using the Motorala Triumph by Vigin Mobile and it's not rooted. So my question, is it possible to rescue my contact list and text...
  19. gogomouse1

    Anybody want a non-working MT?

    So my MT doesn't work, I cant get it to do anything, not even start up. But I'd like to see it go to a good home, I'd be happy to donate it to any of the devs that have worked on the Triumph. I've got an extra battery or two, a hard and a soft case as well. It's in good physical condition, no...
  20. PlayfulGod

    Root Modding issue!!!

    hello MT folks, those of you who might be left that is. lol I am working on the MT for a client. My issue is when you boot the phone that popup about activating. Did any of you manage to get rid of it, edit it, or just not bother with it??? EDIT: Nevermind I got it, it was in the...
  21. don2775

    Root Finally changing..

    Well all it's been a nice ride, but I too am getting a replacement phone. I really appreciate all that the developers did with such a crappy phone. They actually made it quite nice!!! I will be getting the S5 as soon as VM releases it. I will log on to the S5 forum as soon as I get the new...
  22. crepers86

    Root Need help choosing new rom

    Ok I need help in choosing a new ROM for my triumph. I need all to work phone, wifi, and cam. the ROM also needs to let me have access to portable hotspot (my phone is my only connection between my computer and printer) I currently have the Dark Minimalist ROM and the reason I want to swap...
  23. J

    Root Can't find USB Debugging Mode Setting

    As the title suggests I can't fing the USB Debugging Mode setting. All instructions say top go to Apps and select 'Developer ' But I see no such settings in the apps screen's menu. MY android version is 4.2.2 Model number is GT-P3113 Am I missing something?? Thanks, James
  24. J

    Root No Luck Rooting My Galaxy Tab 2

    I followed instructions to rooting a Galaxy Tab 2. When I try to put the tablet into download mode, it hangs at The "Downloading..." What am I doing wrong? James
  25. D

    Root My Triumph died

    My Triumph has no phone service and VM is sending a Galaxy Reverb for replacement. I am rooted but running stock ROM. I have to send Triumph back to VM so if I do a factory re-set will that un-root the phone and everything go back to factory settings? Thanks for any help.