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Suspected spam call is not spam - How to change it?


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Jan 29, 2011
I'm the one who actually made the call but it comes up as 'suspected spam'. It's not blocked on my phone and I can't see any settings to tell my phone to treat it as not spam. I used the report option and chose 'not spam' but that didn't do anything other than send it to the recipient who deals with this.

Does anyone know if there's a way of removing it?

Presumably your phone has some tool (from your service provider, or linked to your phone app) that checks numbers against some external register. Whatever had that "report" option will be the thing using this tool, presumably. So other than what you've done, all I can think of is using a different app that doesn't have this integration (every app on your phone can be replaced, including the phone dialer). But that will just stop it having a spam flag on your phone, not on anyone else's who uses the same app - the only answer to that is contacting the outfit who do the flagging, which you've tried (but if they have some other contact method that might have more impact).

It's possible that what's happened is that some spam caller has "spoofed" your number, i.e. used relatively simple tricks to make their number appear as yours. If that is what happened it's nothing to do with you, and likely that your number was just chosen at random, but if many people report receiving spam calls from what appears to be your number this is what will happen. Will one "not spam" report offset this? I don't know. Will the flag eventually go away after the spammers move on to another number? I also don't know. But then I don't even know whether this is what has happened, it's just a plausible scenario.
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Simply making enough outgoing calls can make your number get listed this way. My mother's number often shows up as 'suspected scam' because she makes tons of outgoing calls and the carrier has flagged the number.

It's similar to the Cloudflare 'ban' you get from too many Google searches.

Sometimes the change or 'upgrade' ain't worth the issues it causes. Remember when we could make phone calls and not get punished for it? Yeah.

A third party phone app won't fix it. The carrier's own system is what flags the caller ID and uses the suspected scam tag. It happens a ton to legit businesses that use telemarketing to advertise. Many times elderly people don't get important medical insurance or prescription automated calls over it. Just like installing another browser won't get your Google search back if Cloudflare has instilled a 24 hour soft ban on your IP.
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