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Switching from PAYG to Contract?


Mar 17, 2011
Is it easy and simple to switch from Voda PAYG to a Contract plan?

Can you just request it online or over the phone and it will be done or do you have to mess around doing any settings and configuring etc?

If you only use your phone for occasional calls e.g. when you're in the middle of nowhere or broken down e.g. in the highlands and need to make a call to breakdown, I believe that on PAYG you will get cut off if you don't make at least one call or send a text within every 6 months?

This is highly likely to happen to me as my phone I have on voda is just there for emergencies like that when I need good reception i.e. not 999 emergencies but ones where I will once in a blue moon need to make a call. The rest of the time I would just receive calls infrequently.

If I switch to contract on one of the low cost monthly plans I am thinking that I wont have to worry about being cut off or deactivated so I have been looking at the 24 month plans that are
I am not sure how the Vodafone contracts work, since I have never dealt with Vodafone, but with most service providers, you would have to go into the store and sign a contract for whatever plan you choose. At that time you can ask about the details concerning the end of contract, and continuing service.
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