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Help Swype lag?


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Sep 22, 2010
Anybody else have an issue with Swype lagging and taking an extra second or two to load?
I just started using it again because the stock Samsung keyboard was annoying me with the words in the dictionary. I couldn't figure out how to actually add a weird and all the sudden a bunch of words were missing (mostly curse words) and they wouldn't add back in.
So after coming back to Swype I instantly remembered why I stopped using it for so long.... the slow load time to actually open up.
Does all that make sense?
I also experience random lag with the keyboard popping up. But it's not just with Swype. It also happens with the Samsung, Google and Thumb Keyboard. It'll work fine with no lag, then the next, I get lag. Not sure if it's the app pulling the keyboard either. Since it can work fine one moment and then lag the next. Completely random occurrence and never able to pinpoint the cause.
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