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Help Sync Annoyances & Slow Contacts opening?


Well-Known Member
Sep 1, 2012
United Kingdom
Why doesn't my syncing work?

I want to sync facebook for my contacts ONLY, so why does it import ALL facebook friends when I've specified I only want it to populate my current contacts only?

Also another annoyance is when I open the phone log/favourites/recent calls etc

It takes like a good 1 nearly 2 seconds to open? Same for the actual contacts.

And I get really low Wi-Fi signal? If I'm near a route yes it's obviously full bars but in my room I get 1/2 bars max and same elsewhere unless I'm very close, poor signal range on the SG3?

I've got Power Save on but surely that shouldn't make the speed that slow. I'm using Go Launcher but things are still fast apart from those specific things mentioned above.

England, Unlocked unbranded SG3 running stock - Wi-Fi at home is 60mpbs N

Apart from that it's fine ;)

No srsly I love this phone, just a few questions I can't figure out for myself..

Thanks :smokingsomb:


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