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Sync iTunes Library from PC to Android


Apr 8, 2022
Hi All,

I have newly transitioned to Android after much much debate, I feel free breaking away from Apple haha, but my main concern now is my music library. I know this question sort of comes up a lot, but I can't seem to find one specifically about continuing to use iTunes when moving to android.

I have a local iTunes library on my computer, not songs I downloaded from apple music, songs I've ripped from CDs to iTunes. I know there is Samsung Smart switch (which has been hit or miss for me, sometimes transferring things on the first attempt and sometimes not until the 3rd or 4th). However, is there a way to keep adding tracks to iTunes on my computer and then sync it to my android (Samsun S22 Ultra)? I know I can copy the songs from the folder to my Samsung, but I'm wondering if there is a way to continue using iTunes on my computer to keep all the music organized and then transfer to Samsung if I add new tracks.

If not what is the most seamless way you folks transfer music from your computer to your android devices? (I know I still buy and rip CDs, I won't stop until they stop making CDs!).

I had downloaded and subscribed to Apple music when I got this phone as I mistakenly thought that if I subscribed I could transfer my local iTunes library to that app but it only works for songs you have downloaded through apple music, not songs stored on a computer in iTunes as far as I can tell.

Any advice is appreciated on the best way to manage music/add new music via PC is great. I'm a physical media guy so suggestions to only using a streaming service don't really work for me.
You can sync music from PC to Android by using USB, Apple Music or Google Play. After transferring music from iTunes to Android, it doesn't matter if you want to play iTunes songs through a media player. To move music from iTunes to Android, you can first use Tunelf Audio Converter to remove DRM from iTunes and then convert iTunes songs to MP3. This action will make iTunes music playable on any media player installed on your phone.
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