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Help Syncing Issues


Aug 3, 2010
Had my Tattoo for 4 months now and the syncing issues have been so infuriating that I am now never going to have another HTC, Android or windows mobile phone.

I am running Vista Home Basic and syncing my phone with my contacts and calendar with Outlook.

The latest I have is that I recently upgraded from Microsoft Office XP to 2007 and today tried my first sync.

I receive 2 different error messages as to why the synchronisation doesn't complete, the first is usually that the mobile phone connection timed out and the second just says 1 contact and 1 calendar.

I am using HTC Sync and after having one of the above errors several times today, I uninstalled HTC Sync and then re-installed it, with no change.

Previously, HTC sync would take ages and ages to detect the phone or wouldn't detect it at all and no fixed routine to detect it would do the trick, sometimes it meant just closing HTC Sync and then restarting it or unplugging the phone from the computer and reconnecting it.

To be honest, I wouldn't bother syncing the phone, but recently, 2 of my contacts changed their numbers and I expected just to alter them in Outlook and then a simple sync will change the numbers in the phone.

Anyone any ideas why these errors happen? I don't understand how the phone connection can time out and the HTC Sync does not explain WHY the contact and calendar caused the error.

My contract is up in 14 months, I WILL be going back to a normal phone that will save my contacts in the phone and back them up to the memory card, and each time a contact changes their number, alter it in the phone and do a new back up, simple!

This phone p***es me off and from reading other forums related to Android and HTC phones, many many more people feel the same.
Well, master reset did not work, so now I have a phone with no contacts on that when I receive txts etc I'll have no idea who they're from.
Well done HTC, how fabulous a system you have created.
I am now going to uninstall Office 2007 and go back to Office XP and see if that cures it, as it would eventually sync with Office XP.
I have also uninstalled HYC Sync.
I will keep you updated as to what happens.

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