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Syncing iTunes to Motorola Droid


Deleted User

I'm trying to sync my iTunes music library (including playlists and album art) to my Droid, and have so far been unsuccessful. Is there an actual Windows app (or Droid app through Wi-Fi) out there that can do this for me?

So far these have failed:
Motorola Media Link
V-Cast Media Manager
Windows Media Player
Media Monkey
iTunes Agent

They all do some things but not all. Considering iTunes stores its music library information in a single xml file, it doesn't seem difficult to sync.
I feel your pain.

I too have realized the shortcomings of having my music perfectly organized in iTunes.

When you fill out song information in iTunes, the data is not saved in a format that Windows, Android, and countless other platforms supports.

For example, if you set album artwork in iTunes, you will never see it appear in Windows Explorer.

So basically, your whole collection is organized in a language only iTunes can understand.

Solution? You have to take the iTunes song data, and re-save it in ID2 or ID3 format. This way, the information can be recognized on other devices.

Best way to do that? Tag&Rename is my choice.

Tag&Rename actually SEES the iTunes song information you've filled out. All you have to do is click "Save", and the program will apply ID3 tags to your files.
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