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Help system memory

OK, another noobie question from me.

I have searched to find out how to check what I have available or am using for system memory. I can't seem to find a menu on the phone that does it. I plan on installing a task manager, would that app show me what my system resources are?

My SD card and phone storage shows;

Total space 1.84 GB
Available space 1.79 GB

Internal space
Available space 121 MB

But this is NOT what I'm looking for. The apps that remain in the background are using system memory and I want to know THAT.

Could some one please explain how I would go about finding this information?

Unless you root your phone you won't see all info.

But, the android is linux based so "free" memory doesn't mean your phone is low on memory or slow. (due to memory management in the linux kernel)

What you can see on your phone is:
Settings > Applications > Running Services

You should hold your phone horizontally, that way you can read the complete bottom line. Now to get this explained, that's a different question :)

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