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Root [T-Mobile] Just got the S3! Is rooting easy/worth it?

I've had mine rooted for about a month (mostly to get rid of Bloat-ware), No problem or serious issue so far, But I am starting to suspect that the rooting process messes up the Kies software.

You can disable all the bloatware without rooting. Just press and hold on an app in the app drawer and drag it to app info on the bottom, then you just have to select "Disable". The app will no longer run and will not be in your app drawer.
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I've heard that Samsung can tell if you;ve rooted your phone and it invalidates warranty?

If I do root, is there a way back if I ever need to return phone?

^^ using this method will not trip your flash counter (which is how samsung and t-mo can tell) and then you can download goo.manager from the play store and use that to install TWRP recovery if you want to flash custom roms, kernels, modems, etc. just remember that nothing you do directly on your phone (without the use of a computer) will not trip the counter. if you have installed TWRP recovery, you will not be able to install any OTA updates. to do this, you could just reflash the stock rooted image from the guide i posted. that will reinstall the stock recovery. flashing that will NOT erase anything on your phone. also if you want to warranty your phone, there are completely stock images on xda as well. i would factory reset, flash the stock image, and then factory reset again just before you send it off to make sure.

I don't see "Disable" as an option in the app info on the GS3.

is there an uninstall updates button? if so, i believe you need to do that before you can disable them
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