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Root [T-Mobile] ROMs for T999L? How to?


Feb 2, 2013
Hello all. I have the newer T-Mobile GS3 SGH-T999L with baseband T999LUVAMB7 and build# JZ054K.T999LUVAMB7. From my understanding this is somewhat different from the original T-Mobile version as this has true 4g radios in it as to where the first one has radios for HSPA+. Well i found out the current CM/AOSP/AOKP ROMS don't work because of the difference in the baseband and build#.
What i was directed to do was to unzip the rom and in notepad, erase all the assert lines. so far this has done nothing as I don't know from 'where' to 'where' i am to erase.
Flashing them as is does nothing and i love these custom ROMS and want to try the newer versions od android other than 4.1.2. any help is appreciated. if you know of other methods that will help as well :)
Great question; same question I have. I tried flashing the Cyanogenmod (CM) 10.1 ROM I found in this post:

But I still get a Status 7 error (the error that editing out the Assert lines is supposed to correct).

I had CM7 installed on my HTC EVO 4g and loved it.....now if I can just get CM10.1 installed on my T999L.

Hopefully someone will respond to your post and offer some assistance. If I get it figured out, I'll post here as well.
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My phone: Tmobile t999L (d2tmo)
Anything t999 unified will work fine. As far as I know most if not all t999 roms work on t999L just fine, but I do know the unified builds work. The worst I've ever run into is I had to remove the assert lines in the updater script.
I have used cm11, octos, carbon, and they all work, but they are listed as unified. Just know that for s3's there is a camera issue in L android, where camera doesn't work, this is why I am on KK still. It seems as if they are working on a fix and really close but no fixes as of yet.
For me it's KK right now. Once they fix the camera in L for the s3's I will be useing android L as my daily.

The rom doesn;t change the baseband at all, that has to be done manually via flashing a modem. I've not changed my modem at all since I've had the phone, had really no need to, because everything works via data.
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