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T-Mobile sim cards now coming pre-activated?

Thats stupid. They come with a phone number already assigned??
They would be guessing at what area code you want (*if* you want a new number)

How would you do a number port via the website, like you can do now? If the sim already has a phone number attached......
Maybe its a way to phase out the Walmart $30/month 5GB data, 100min voice plan - without the backlash of just making it go away on the website.

Tmobile is just losing it ,with their nutty CEO
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This is not a good move on T-Mobile's part - and it does sound like they're just adding a hurdle to that $30/5GB plan. I don't think I'll have much choice but to leave T-Mobile if that plan goes away. :(

Further reading (since I hate that this is apparently only reported by a single news source):


In the meantime, purchasing a SIM from a third party like Amazon might be a better move.

@MrLaserman thanks for making us aware!
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