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Tablet & phone: same number for SMS?

Back during my 'Apple days' whenever I sent a text message from either my iPhone or iPad it would always appear to be from the same number (my iPhone). Consequently I would always see replies straight away on whichever device had to hand.

Is there a way of replicating this with my Android tablet & phone (Galaxy Note 10.1 & S3)?

I sent an SMS to a few contacts the other day (from the tablet) and none of them realised it was me! Also, I wasn't aware of their replies until I used the tablet again much later in the day.

As I use both my phone & tablet for business matters, this is an awkward restriction. I hate admitting defeat/mistakes but so far my move to Android from Apple is costing me time & business :(
I have Mighty Text on my laptop and use it with one of my phones. I just downloaded it onto my tablet thinking this would be just the solution I'm looking for, however, it seems to be seeing my tablet as a phone whereas I need it to see it as 'desktop computer'.

The instructions to complete set-up are telling me to go to Mighty Text on a computer to 'see this phone' ...........
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Many thanks to you both for your replies.

I already use Mighty Text for 'the work phone' and my works laptop and it does just fine.

My 'own phone' and tablet are used for my 'other business interests' which does require a more instant/portable/24-7 solution (ie not sat in front of a laptop/computer). Consequently it would seem that the Tablet Talk app fitds the bill perfectly!

I have spent the last 20 mins configuring and testing the app and it scores 10/10 from me so far! Well worth the
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