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Help Taking data off of a T-Mobile Revvl 4 +


Apr 20, 2022
Hey, lets just get this started with i'm too poor to go to a store to get this done.

I had a T-Mobile Revvl 4 + before I got my new galaxy, and there were a lot of photos on there, I could care less about ANY of the other data, but I would like the photos. No I did not back the photos up with any service and no they are not on an sd card.

The reason I cant get the photos off is because my screen is damaged to the point where if i turn the phone on it starts touching random things in every place, a lot of times opening the emergency dialpad, which scares me.
I've tried usb OTG cable with keyboard and mouse, I can get my password in with the keyboard if i do it fast enough but besides that the broken touch sensors just go insane after that, usb debugging has been disabled by default cause I would just turn on file transfer anytime I needed to do something on my pc with my phone.

What I am asking you is how can I get my photos off my phone. I cant use usb otg and I cant pay a professional. If needed and if someone had some I could put custom firmware on the phone or root the damned thing, anything to get those pictures. They are not backed up anywhere and are only stored on the phones internal hard drive. If it really comes down to it, Ill melt the glass glue off myself and figure out how to rip data off of the hard drive raw. which would suck i presume.

I have a nice windows desktop that I can install some apps on if needed, and I really do appreciate ALL the help you guys have to offer.

Thanks for checking in to this post and hopefully I can get my photos!
Here are some wonderful photos and videos I got, First time on the forms so not sure how they handle high res raw footage, we'll see. Again though, if anyone has any ideas I will be VERY greatful for you. Thank you

check out the video to see what I mean about the screen, i think its called ghost taping on devices where the screen isnt destroyed, dont know what to call it here. Moral of the story, dont put your phone next to your dogs favorite toy on a counter thats 5ft to cement.


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