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Tapatalk and Xenforo

Nope. There's a material design update that removed the browse option completely

Or just hid it under yet another gesture that I have no idea where it is. What is it with the easter egg gestures in these new apps?
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Its there on the iPad app as well. Not sure what happened with mine. The option isn't even in the menu its just *gone*

I'm on version 4.10.0
Just an FYI the iOS version numbers don't coincide with the Android version. Also, Android has one version for both phones and tablets where TT has a separate version for each. It may be tough to compare apples to apples because of this.
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Interesting. I'm checking on my son's N& as it has Lollipop. Unfortunately a 2.5 GB game is updating ATM so the TT install is queued up. Play said 4.6.2 on the log. It will be interesting to see what it says on the about me screen. Also, rembember what Phases said in the OP for this thread, this whole conversation may go up in smoke.:)
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