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Tasks, are they Events in Andriod?


Dec 7, 2011
Hi all

Just today I became a proud owner of HTC Incredible S.

For recurring tasks on SunBird / Lightning I used Tasks to sync with my previous HTC Touch. On the phone I used to delete the completed task (not it's recurrence) as and when completed. Till then it used to show me as Overdue.

Now being new on HTC Incredible S and Android I am sure I missed something. My recurring tasks (esp. weekly ones) show up on the calendar (I am fine with that) but the completed ones I cannot delete, it deletes the full recurrence. And the overdue ones no longer appear in the widget. I hope to use MyPhoneExplorer to sync with SunBird / Lightning.

Please advise

Thanks and regards
Thanks Chanchan05. I found out that the recurrance was not set in SunBird due to the fact that FinchSync (to sync with my previous WM6 phone) was not able to handle recurrance. I can now properly set recurrance in SunBird and never a bother.

Though there is one problem, if the Task, though recurring, is deleted from the MPE Task widget, all the recurrance gets deleted from SunBird. So the deletions have to be done from SB and not MPE.

Thanks and regards
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