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Tegra Exclusivity and Memory rant...


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Jun 3, 2010
So I was rather upset I could not purchase Demon's Score (square enix's newest title for Android) because it was THD....

I am really tired of this Tegra exclusivity nonsense....It would be fine if there were equality with phone hardware but most the Tegra Devices that came out this year had way too little storage options.

Keep in mind the average game (not talking crappy mobile casual games but games like GTA Vice City, Demon's Score, Final Fantasy Dimensions & Bard's Tale) is like more than 1 GB of data now....there are a LOT of great games that have been coming out this year and my SGS3's 32 GB internal memory cannot keep up... (my 64 GB SDXC card I keep in my phone is full of non app related media...)

The 32 GBs is reserved only for apps and I AM FULL. I have to delete game data files to be able to even fit more games on my phone....yet HTC and others feel it is acceptable to release phones without an SD card (I use mine for media, backups and other random non app related data).

If I owned one of the Tegra phones I would have no room for any of my media and only apps...and I would still have to pick and choose between games I want on or off my phone

I bought the SGS3 the day it came out with the largest memory I could possible include...this cost me $600..I bought the 64 GB SDXC card the day they were announced as well (1.5 years ago) which cost $164. I have paid full price for all of Squares Games on Android the day they were released...

So by releasing a THD game Square and others are screwing me over (someone who would pay top $ for their games with no complaints) because none of the Tegra phones have decent memory for storage. I am left in a catch 22 of carrying NO media and depending on substandard cloud storage (mind u even with the cloud I still have to constantly delete files and app data to make room for anything I want from the cloud...) or I purchase the SGS3 and have TRIPLE the storage space BUT cannot enjoy some of the hottest games.....

Dont tell me to use cloud storage cause that does not solve my problems

..rant /end
What do you want us to do about it?

We all have the deal with whatever storage we have which is usually 16-32GB, most of us make do with 16GB or less for apps and don't cry about it so count yourself lucky. You can get round it by rooting and using the microsd card for app storage though like I have. :)

Regarding THD game exclusives, that's been happening for a while now so nothing new here other than it's from Square. Sorry but if want to play them buy a device with Tegra 3. I agree it's a lame way to try and promote Tegra 3 devices though.

Get a Nexus 7, there cheap enough.
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