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Text Messages Resent.. ugh..


Dec 10, 2009
so i turned my phone on and off today and when it rebooted all the text messages that i sent within the past day were resent to each person.. i called tmobile and they were unaware of any such problem and wanted to master reset my phone.. i declined.. i did have an app for texts messages to "pop up" similar to an iphone, i have since removed that app (sms pop, i believe it was called). but.. i am still hesitant to reboot my phone again..

anyone experience anything like this?
Sorry it took so long to answer this. I had the same exact problem with my phone. As a matter of fact, I got a brand new phone that was constructed way better then the first cliq that I was given. I know that the sms pop up app was the cause of that because when I removed it from my first phone, everything worked fine shutting it off and on. They still gave me a new phone at the store just to be safe.
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For one, when the phone was closed it was loose like a porn star and would rattle like pennies in a tin can. When opened, it would want to close with the slightest touch. Even after update, the screen was either non responsive or it would be too sensitive and chose a widget before I even touched it. The lock/unlock button sometimes wouldn't work and I would have to hit it several times just to shut down the screen.

I almost gave up on the phone and traded it in for a blackberry bold but decided to give it another chance just b/c of the potential I thought that it had. Needless to say I'm really glad that I stuck with the replacement and didn't get the bold. Not to mention I hated the fact that the bold didn't have a cursor ball, wasn't touch screen, and the keyboard buttons were way too close for me
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