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Texting to multiple recipients


Dec 2, 2011
I have a need to send the same text to a specific group of recipients on a regular basis. I had the ability to do this on my Droid Charge (water damage) but have not been able to find a way to duplicate since getting a new phone (Samsung Galaxy III). I don't recall what texting app I was using, but it was very simple. Open up texting, choose group and then select all or a few of recipients in a specific group.

I am trying out Go SMS Pro, but it appears to send to all numbers for a recipient and not just to cell. HELP, there has to be a way to accomplish this.
Wait. I remember. There's a setting in Go SMS Pro buried somewhere to use only mobile numbers. I stopped using that app some time ago so I can't point it out. But I'm sure its there.

On the stock Samsung SMS app, going into groups to select contacts, each contact would ask you what number to add, and ask if you want to set that as default for the group SMS action. At least it does on both Samsung devices I have.
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