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Texts disappeared and keyboard is acting up


Jun 20, 2010
I had to factory reset my S7 about a month ago. Well, actually, I forgot my main password and it reset itself (note to people, pull out your SD card before you try that 15th time). Needless to say, it cleared everything.

Since then, my keyboard hasn't been working. I will type, and I see everything correctly on the keyboard, but where the cursor is, nothing. It may move, but it's not typing anything. The only way to fix it is to hit the power button (so it only locks my phone, not a restart) and log in. Then it's fine. WEIRD! I read that it's the Samsung keyboard, so I loaded up the Google keyboard. Same issue. Used Swype, same issue. This is more of an annoyance than anything else.

So, since the reset, I also did the VZW update. Weird things have been happening. I just attributed it to not setting up my phone completely, but I dunno anymore.

Last night, I opened up Messages (the Samsung one) and everything I had in there was gone. I probably had about 30 conversations and poof. Gone. I didn't do anything weird, didn't touch anything. I rebooted my phone thinking maybe there was a glitch, forgot about it and sure enough, still nothing. I opened up Message+ (VZW) which, even disabled, can recover everything (not sure how I feel about that). Well, it recovered everything, but get this, my end of all the conversations is completely gone.

Any suggestion/help would be great. I'm getting really frustrated with all the weird little things going on with this phone. I mean, it finally stopped rebooting on its own, and stopped with that stupid sd card notification, but now this. ugh!


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