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Help TF101 not connection to PC


Dec 19, 2012
My TF101 won't connect to any computers. I've tried two cables with multiple cables, no combination works.

When I plug it into my computer, the only indication of it being plugged in is that the TF101 screen turns on, but it doesn't have have a charging indicator. I've tried doing a soft reset, and no such luck.

Any ideas?
"Has it ever worked?
If it has than it could be a bad port.
If not.
Make sure you are only using the ASUS supplied cable.
Try downloading naked USB driver.
Turn USB debugging on or off in developer settings on th TF."

It worked when I first got it a little over a year ago, but it stopped working several months ago. I tossed the original cable months ago because I thought it was the cable, and it wasn't until I got a new one that I realized the problem was not with the cable.

I've tried USB debugging, with no effect, and I don't remember if I've tried the naked USB driver. I'll try those again when I get home.
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Also check the device manager and see if the TF is coming up with the yellow exclamation mark or not showing up at all.

Just to make sure you can not do a USB connection from the keyboard USB ports, it needs to be the one from the propritary ASUS port either on the KB or the TF..

I can't quite figure out the Naked USB Driver, but plugging it into the dock had no effect, either. There is no indication that the computer recognizes the tablet is plugged in, in the device manager or otherwise. USB Debugging mode has no effect, either.
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