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The Apollo GPS Issue. I Spoke to Samsung.


May 19, 2011
Hi All,

I have the GPS Issue - where it randomly just doesn't work. 2.1 stock firmware on i5800.

I've only had it a couple of days and have been doing various tests. I spoke to Samsung, who admit that 2.2 resolves some issues.

I initially got fobbed off with "you can swap it and I guarantee (?!) you wont get another with the same issue" - I told him I had another one exactly the same in my other hand (my gf's) demonstrating the same issues (silly man). I also referenced all these forums with other people struggling. Even suggested I could waltz into carphone warehouse who would update it to 2.2 for me...! haha I didn't accept this and carried on.

I reminded them that it's only officially out on Orange, which he acknowledged and said that in about a week the rest of the unlocked phones out there will be updateable via Kies (he made his own enquiries via some other "head office" support line, while I stayed on the phone). I've got the guys name and a case reference number and I'll be following it up and not letting it go. (obviously at the moment - "not fit for purpose" etc)

In the meantime, I've noticed that if you leave the GPS radio on, restart the phone, and LEAVE it switched on, the GPS works very nicely thankyou in tests and various apps. Once you start turning it off and on again it becomes flaky then doesnt work and you have to restart the phone again.

Hope that helps someone. Comments welcome.

I have an issue with mine saying it is connected to WiFi but not actually connecting; as in it says it is and everything appears okay but, hey, no internet/email/apps etc., until you switch off and on again. On contacting Carphone Warehouse they tell me they have to take my phone in for "repair" for between 14 and 28 days (no swap for a new one as it's not quite three months old, even though it has been doing this straight out of the box, and I suspect they will just do a factory reset anyway), but I have heard that 2.2 addresses this issue. Hence me chasing the update in my other thread.

ps My phone is on Orange... and I am confused...
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As per my comments on the Froyo for Orange thread, update isn't happening for me. Kies finds no update. Apparently having an i5800 on Orange which was bought as such is not the same as having an Orange i5800.

I'm not even sure the Samsung website is downloading the latest version of Kies snce the version number quoted on the website is different to the version number in the software itself after you have downloaded it.

The WiFi issue applies everywhere I have tried to use it; at home and friends on secure networks and elsewhere on open ones. Once it has failed to connect to the internet via WiFi (even though it says it is connected), it will typically not connect via Edge or 3G either. The only solution is to switch off and on again. At which point everything will be fine again and away we go; then at some point later you want the internet again and have to go through the same process.

Configuring IP networks: err, no. The phone is supposed to be smart, not me! I had no problems with initial setup for WiFi or in adding new networks along the way. It just seems to "forget" to connect, though it goes through the motions, until I off-and-on.
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<<< What my avatar says...

There is an update already OUT - if you have the ORANGE branded version of the same phone... I think elsewhere on this forum somebody has had the same (apparently scripted) reply from Samsung. And there is an update listed on the Samsung website.

What email address did you use? They don't list one on their UK website.

I am extremely cheesed off. It's about time Samsung and/or the Carphone Warehouse actually told us what is happening, instead of leaving everybody hanging about. I need to see if the upgrade will solve my internet connectivity problems as the alternative is putting it into the hands of the Carphone Warehouse for up to a month for them to do a factory reset on it. Grrrrrrrrrrr.
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Got fed up with waiting, the internet issue on my phone was driving me nuts, I was driving the other half nuts, so he very kindly used the upgrade method at the top of this forum for me, I have 2.2 and it is MUCH better now. He has found an April 2011 version too so if there are any issues with the version I have he will update it again.

But so far, so good.
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