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The Big List of Web Browsers


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May 1, 2011
These are browsers that are formatted for most of the web, not specific sites or files (image boards, HTML files, offline browsers, etc.) Let me know about others and I'll edit them in.
By the by, my personal favorite way of keeping my Google Bookmarks accessible no matter the browser is ChromeMarks, though with newer Android versions the bookmarks sync has started to become commonplace.


I tried several.

Skyfire has no mini version and its HUGE. Lagged me to a crawl every time.

I love Love LOVE the swipe pattern feature of Dolphin mini but the rest of the browser is meh at best. And for a mini its slow as balls.

I keep coming back to Opera mini. It has a tendency to make you click links 2 or 3 times sometimes and it doesn't seem to like to download anything but when it's working it's very fast and easy to navigate.
One horrible thing about it is if you are typing long sentences (as I trend to do) on message boards, fb, etc, and it does it's blanking out thing you trend to losse everything you just wrote. I got into the habit of hitting copy before every post just on case.

It's why I never deleted the stock browser. It's ugly and plain but it always there and does what it's supposed to when I need it to.
Kinda like what I picture marriage to be like. :p
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The best thing about Opera Mobile is Opera Link. As long as you have Opera on your desktop, syncing bookmarks is a breeze. I however keep on bouncing back and forth between Opera and Dolphin HD. I like the swipe controls on Dolphin HD better than the tap controls of Opera, but on my phone Opera seems to work great too. Still havent decided which to use even after months of having both on my phone. The same way I still bounce back and forth between Opera and Chrome on PC. LOL.
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