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The first of its kind .. Nostalgia Egypt App .. 1833 Photo Offline

- The first application of its kind in the world that displays with photos the nostalgia of a people and a country.
- It reviews pictures of life in Egypt between the years 1800 and 1999 AD with mention of the date and description in both Arabic and English.​
- It reviews aspects of life in terms of people, places, currencies, advertisements, papers, and things used.​
-After browsing any black and white photo, you will find a copy of the same photo colored by artificial intelligence​
- The application in total contains 1833 various photos.​
- More than 1100 photos of life in the Egyptian street, in terms of people and places.​
- More than 200 photos of coins during that period.​
- More than 80 photos of the banknotes during that period.​
- More than 140 photos of ads.​
- More than 200 photos of Things used during the end of the time period.​
The application is divided into 16 sections:
01- 1990s​
02- 1980s​
03- 1970s​
04- 1960s​
05- 1950s​
06- 1940s​
07- 1930s​
08- 1920s​
09- 1910s​
10- 1900s​
11- 1800s​
12- Things used during the end of the time period.​
13- Ads.​
14- Papers.​
15- banknotes during that period.​
16- Coins during that period.











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