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The Internet Of (bonkers) Things


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Yes folks, we have officially gone mad. I'm struggling to understand why anyone would want a wireless kettle, particularly when a) it needs to be filled with water from the tap, and b) you need to visit the kettle to pour said water into your cup.
But it's even worse than that, because these devices are often vulnerable to hacking. A TV programme I watched showed how a wireless kettle could easily be hacked to reveal your plain text wireless network key!!
I'm wondering whether some of these things bring any benefit to the owner, as opposed to just telling the manufacturer how many cups of tea you make (data that can doubtless be sold to someone)?

Mind you, I'm old enough to remember the NSA banning Furbys on the grounds that they were a potential security threat (though in reality they didn't imitate the sounds they heard, which was what the concern was reportedly about).
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I can remember Qantas banning Furbys from their planes.

Not sure if Furbys are allowed to fly now though.
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