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The notification about fast wireless charging not compatible with the phone


Sep 20, 2012
I have an old wireless charging stand bought a few years ago. I just got my s22 ultra. I saw a notification about the fast wireless charging not compatible with the s22 ultra each time when I put it on the stand. I may have touched or changed something. Now the notification doesn't show up. How can I turn it on or enable it? Thanks for help!
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@Milo Williamson Thanks for your input. I understand that this is an issue. I also found this related post:


My question is about how to let s22 ultra display the notification again. When I first started using s22 ultra, I was able to see this notification. Somehow it has stopped showing this message.


There should be a fast charging screen in settings where you can toggle it on and off, try looking there for that message.
Settings (just search, or)
Battery and device care>battery>more battery settings>fast charging
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