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The physical buttons are going to be problematic - they are sinking

Meus Android

Dec 6, 2009
I've noticed the Home and Menu buttons are slightly in further than the other buttons, possibly incidicative of that prolonged use could affect their stability. I've only had this phone since yesterday and haven't used it too much but I'm worried about this already :thinking: The Home button particularly, in which I use the most, is sinking
I thought the same when I first got mine (now a couple of weeks old) - it's very slight and I wasn't sure whether I was imagining things. Since then, any sinking hasn't got any worse and I think it was just a 'newness' sort of thing as the membrane under the buttons settled down. I'm continuing to monitor it but I don't think it's gong to be a problem. At least htc give a two year warranty :)
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