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Help The possibility recover information from .asec


Feb 27, 2016

There was a big trouble, because there are ugly men, perverted a good file manager (in the past, unfortunately...) ES File Explorer.

After i flashing my Fly Magic, as usual, I decided to restore the backups Titanium.
I do not remember why, but I opened file manager and this bastard invited me to clean the "rubbish".
I have not looked, clicked on something and he removed all backups... :(:(:(
Using of the best file recovery program "dmde" - did not help...

But it turned out that before I pulled from the SD-card, along with the garbage, .android_secure folder.

Search the Web showed it just will not work to recover the information from there, because it is encrypted.
A AppsOnSD.sks key, of course, already been overwritten after flashing ...

.asec files are opened by AndroidStudio, but in the form of gibberish.

Question: I'm a complete zero (nuub and dummie) in the programming, though "on you" with IT-sphere.

Strongly request help on the issue of the content of the .asec files WITHOUT "AppsOnSD.sks" key
In fact, I need to get from one app - it is the Old notepad (Ultra Notes app), and that is the russian text. All the rest does not matter.

Thank you in advance.


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