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The Star Gods Interactive Fiction

Hello everyone,

My name is William and I created the first draft of an interactive fiction short story. It uses the android twisty interpreter to play/interact with the short story. I would appreciate it if people would play the text based game and tell me how to improve it so I know what to work on for my next iteration. I want to make this a great short story.

It is called The Star Gods. It is by William Taylor. I posted it early to get feedback. It is a text based interactive fiction story about dimension traveling wizards and an alien invasion.

Thank you very much for your time.
Is anyone who downloaded the app having trouble talking to the old man who teaches magic, or Thanos your personal demon? Or anyone else? Did anyone stop the invasion of the earth? Is the game too hard? Is it boring or exciting? It is a first draft of both game and story and I am using your input to improve it.
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