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Root *-*-*THEME *-*-* Killer Kobalt Theme for Boost Max

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Apr 30, 2011
DISCLAIMER: I am NOT responsible for anything that happens to your phone if you flash this to your phone. If your phone breaks, It is NOT MY FAULT! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

With that being said, I would like to personally introduce to you, the first theme for the Boost Max!

Why? Because I wanted to theme my phone. I had been working with different xposed modules and was not happy with the results. Then one day I was looking through the Warp4g forums and seen BCRichster's rom with this theme and wanted to port it over to the Max. It wasn't going to be easy so I decided to try just his theme. and Voila! it worked, kinda. had to work out a few kinks but all is working now.

This theme has been ported from the Warp4G by BCRichster. All credit goes to him for this. All I am doing is supplying files for him to port it (namely Framework-res.apk). We have been working tirelessly the last few days to work out the kinks and get this working perfectly for you guys.

This theme is a cyanogen inspired theme. it looks completely different from the stock version of this phone and brings a whole new life to this phone.

10/17/15: Initial release
Whats working:

Whats not working:

I HIGHLY recommend that you use the Deodexed or Custom version of the Stock rom FOUND HERE: http://androidforums.com/threads/zte-max-stock-b06-4-4-2-deodexed-custom-and-unmodified.896210/

* CWM, TWRP, & Philz recovery can be used to flash this ROM.


* Be sure to wipe cache before installation to prevent issues.

* Flash zip over current stock rom (again, not responsible for problems. I am using SuperR's stock custom rom that is deodexed)

* Reboot & enjoy!

For Signal icon, clock, and battery colors, use Xposed and GravityBox to change colors.


BCRichster: He is the one that helped me with all of this. Without him helping me and dedicating his time, this theme would not be possible

ZTE: For making an awesome phone

SuperR: for his knowledge and inspiration.

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24052804347840241

md5: 62d6f0c8b802bc11758bb10402eb78dd

Here is the wallpaper I am using in the screenshots:

2015-10-16 (1).png
2015-10-16 (2).png
2015-10-16 (3).png
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Great theme it installed flawlessly over my Rom. I just have one question can u make a red version for me?
Thank you Sir! :cool: We're glad he put in the effort for everyone.
If I ever do make a Red for the Warp4G, then I'll port it to the Max as well. [emoji28] But at this time? Not until I get my PC deal Str8 first. Maybe the OP may give 'er a go! [emoji56]
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How taking the lollipop theme from Super R rom and just making a flashable theme like this one so we can enjoy the look and not have the sound issues from that rom.
The theme without sound issues was the point of this thread but that pseudo LP ROM theme would take a whole different type & set of modifications than this theme took.
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