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Themes: Getting rid of the Green Guy???


Nov 25, 2009
San Diego
If this has already been answered I apologize but I haven't come across the answer yet.

The Green Guy During Call, think it's cute and all but how do I get rid of him?

I use the phone for business and I don't like having a bright green android popping up every time someone calls who I don't have a photo for.

I found another thread with this topic but there hasn't been an answer to it yet.

Any free themes to get rid of him?
Does anyone know the location of the little green guy so that I can delete it manually
Thank you for the response, I wasn't sure if I was missing something obvious or if no one knew.

I read about an update that changed the android image from 2D to 3D so I know it's possible, I just wish it was easier to make changes on the phone like it is in other versions of Linux....That was the main reason I didn't get the iPhone, I thought Linux/Android would be more customizable than Mac/iPhone.

So I guess now I will look into finding out the root password and a Free Terminal/Shell App for the Eris HTC....but if it's in ROM, I'm not sure that I can do anything with it until they have an update to flash it.

Thanks again, It I find the answer I will post back
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