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Root [Themes][Mod]Jplsteel Mod V3. 6/29/13


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Jul 27, 2012
Orlando, Fl
Hello everyone here in the forums and all Rush users. This is my 1st Mod and 1st post..BIG props to AlexRayquaza for his expertise in putting this all together into a zip file....Also K Rize for helping me through with Ninjamorph...Theres a lot more to learn.

This is an all Blue 9 panel notification....Also all Blue status bar icons including a 4g icon..If anyone who wants a 3g icon, just let me know.

***Also included***

**Awesome beats V3... I can say this one works and amps the Rush!!!

**Bootanimation and power off and on sounds.

**Xposed Installer with Bar clock color mod (Change color of date and time to whatever you want...Also Xposed Tweakbox and Xtheme Engine.

** Stock jelly bean system sounds (Lockscreen and Keypress) No more of that annoying water drop sound.

****updated 6/29/13*****


*** The above link is working....Let me know what you all think...I had a lot of help with this..


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Hey Bro, your in the wrong section, contact a mediator and ask them to move it to the all things root section

I am downloading now and will take a look at your zip, give me a second

The first thing I see is THIS IS NOT FLASHABLE, so stop trying, it will not work
I can fix it tho, give me a min

Okay, u can't add wallpapers like that, try to Morph them into a wallpaper apk

The boot sounds can not be added like that, they need to be .ogg format and in the ui folder and named the same as the ones there already

You have no bootanimation:
I added my Google bootanimation so the screen won't be black while booting

You are also missing exposed framework installer:
I added mine

Try this, I didn't flash, because I have most of this stuff and I don't want to go threw having to backup my current work
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