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Help There are no updates available for your phone; 4.0.4


Aug 16, 2012
Hi all,

I'm from the UK and have a HTC One X (T-Mobile) and it currently has Android 4.0.3 software. However, I read that Android 4.0.4 came out last week. But, I've tried manually checking my device for updates and it comes up with "There are no updates available for your phone".

Anyone know how to get this to work? Or, should I just wait?

Thanks in advance.
Hi granero, and welcome to AF :)

Was this announcement that T-Mobile One X's were receiving the update, or just that HTC were rolling it out? Generally operator-branded devices take longer to get updates than the unbranded ones, so that might be the answer.

I've moved this to the One X forum so that you can get feedback from other owners.
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I'm on T-mobile but as I bought my phone online it's unbranded and I still haven't got it either. I read on another thread that is has something to do with IMEI numbers that determine when you get it... it will be soon though almost definitely by the end of the month.

It will also update your HTC sense and has been hailed as the best update they've done, really looking forward to it too!

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Got my One X on Tuesday from Dial a Phone, it's an unbranded and assume unlock but don't have another micro sim to test......Currently with Orange.
Just check and got the update and now installed but as i have not really had time to play with it before the update note sure whats changed.
Based in the south of uk.
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I have read that T Mobile customers were to start getting it on 8th Sept, but I only read that no idea if its true or not.

What i do know is i am on Orange and i contacted them to ask when they planned rolling this out to their customers with branded One X's and i got the following answer.

" We do not yet have a release date for this update, but we'll let you know when we hear anything further. Thanks!"

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