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Accessories This Qi charger is cheap... and AWESOME!


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Oct 1, 2009

Qi Wireless Charger, GMYLE® Qi Enabled Mini Charging Pad for Smartphones and Tablets (Black)

Charges my S6 Edge just as fast the Samsung wall plug adapter. Comes with a "charge-only" style USB cable. A steal at $12. My Prime also shipped it 1 Day for free too!
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Well... I believe so. GS6 gives you a notification that tells you how much time left until it's fully charged.
I plugged the phone into the wall charger and the phone said 39 minutes till full. I immediately plugged my phone into my computer and it said 1 hour 40 mins till full. Then I setup the Qi Charger and it said 39 mins till full. The included cable with the Qi charger is the "charge-only" type, so the pinout of the USB doesn't transmit data... so the phone will charge in AC mode on any USB port with that cable. I am all setup at my desk with the Qi charger plugged into my computer and it charges fast.
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